B I O 

Author John Wilsterman was born in Tallmadge, Ohio. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia after graduating from Kent State University with an Aerospace Engineering degree.  John worked his way though college working nights in the computer room at Goodrich in Akron, Ohio, thus all his post graduation offers focused on his computer skills not his engineering degree.

Pursuing a career in the computer industry effectively put his writing career on hold for a while. After many years and a successful career with IBM, he turned his hand to novel writing. Reading has always been a passion of his and he knew someday he would put all his acquired knowledge, accumulated anecdotes, locations and wonderful characters he has met into a novel.

Mr. Wilsterman makes a spectacular debut with Beneath Juliette, a novel set in the South, with all those strange and wonderful characters, places and stories he’s encountered.

Mr. Wilsterman lives in Shellman Bluff, GA along the Georgia coast with his wife, Jean. He has two grown children, Kira and Luke, and is now working on a new novel.

Hobbies - writing and storytelling, anecdote collecting, language origins.  John enjoys Robert Heinlein, Michael Connolly, Larry McMurtry, Lee Child, Lawrence Block, Stephen King and many authors.

John is an Advanced Toastmaster and a graduate of Jeff Justice Comedy School.

John loves all kinds of music- especially classical, jazz, blues and country. He has mastered neither the guitar nor piano but keeps trying.

John and his wife, Jean enjoy traveling and are very involved in their community of Shellman Bluff.